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Modern People/HR Strategy Partners

We partner with forward thinking SMB companies to design and execute people programs and practices to propel your business forward!

Informed by Data and Insights

​MB Consulting enables growing companies to optimize their org structure, people, process, and systems to create or enhance 

  • Levels of accountability and ownership

  • Collaboration between cross functional teams and break down silos

  • Continuous feedback loops to elevate performance and employee engagement

  • Enable people to consistently deliver on strategic objectives

Organizational Design & Development   

Compensation & Benefits   

  • Evaluate or create scalable compensation strategy and process.

  • Compensation Philosophy 

  • Tie compensation to performance.

  • Total rewards framework 

  • Benchmarking 


Fractional People/HR Leadership 

  • Bridge the leadership gap between C-level and mid to junior level people team.

  • Create or codify company core values

  • Build a cohesive people strategy framework

  • Build strong people processes that enable high performance and business growth.

  • Evaluate your HR tech stack.

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Talent/Org health dashboards

  • Organizational leveling

  • Develop ongoing feedback loops

  • Competency and Talent Profiles

  • Leadership Development

  • Leader & Manager Coaching

  • Performance Enablement (Management)

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